Uncommon Sense

March 5, 2008

Everything’s gonna be alright

It’s probably the most common song lyric. Of course, I don’t know whether statistically that is true, but it appears so often that it seems to be an assumption shared by many, embodied in such trite affirmations as “Everything happens for a reason” and “Everything works out for the best”, New Age mottos that slip off the tongue with all the ease of a Universal Truth, and seem to be accepted with alacrity, particularly by those who have lived in a comfort zone their entire life.

They’re also trotted out by ‘positive’ people with that irritating condescending attitude, who speak to you from a lofty ‘spiritual higher ground’ as if such a place is known to exist, with a wisdom that ‘passes all understanding’. Or comprehension, or even just a hint of intelligence…

What these statements mean is that things will get better, and of course we hope so. (more…)


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