Uncommon Sense

The reason why…

This blog is about the belief that ‘being educated’ is not a state that one arrives at; it is a continual process. Because the world changes, it is more important to possess the means to educate ourselves than it is to memorise the current body of knowledge. Learning is only possible if we know how to think. The processes of interpreting our perceptions, relating them to each other in a coherent framework, and deciding what actions to take, all require a toolset which the greater majority of people do not possess. It makes less sense to teach a database which will change than it does to teach a process and equip people with the tools to learn how to learn for themselves – which makes ‘uncommon’ sense.


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  1. Knowledge is power and the pen is mightier than the sword. I thank daily the ‘random’ chance events and encounters (at the right age and time) that let to my awakening into the world of ‘Free Thought’. I find it an invaluable tool and am constantly amazed by this vacancy in others. I have only begun to read your blog but I support fully your mission … and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts, for as you say we are always in a static state to expand our knowledge and push our comfort zones the the typhoon struggle where new knowledge is gleaned and we are changed … and yet to be changed again. Metamorphosis ad infinitum.

    Comment by Tony Davis — May 23, 2008 @ 7:48 am

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